Echinops Adenocaulos

I walked along the street .The view was amazing, the sunset so magic! I stopped to make pictures. I felt excited . ”This place is unique”> I whispered. ”You can see and feel the sea all around you everywhere! ”

The horizon was so big that you just turned and looked behind you and there was again, the sea!

Kouklia village in Paphos area is not just a village, not a casual place .Is the place where the Godess of love , Godess of beauty<Αφροδιτη> was adored .

The temple of Aphrodite is situated on the top of a hill overlooking the sea and the valley.

I stayed there admiring the colours of the sky and the sea.Admiring the temple .

Infront of me I saw some plants with beautiful blue fowers. I made some pictures and I walked back to the car. I felt that there was something underneath my shoes. I looked and I found many thorns .The street was full of thorns .This plant is tall and full of thorns ,in the summer you can see them everywhere.

When I got back home I wanted to know more about this flower. I opened my computer and searched .

Here is what I found about this flower.

Echinops, a genus that includes many plants that are individually referred to as globe thistle, is made up of more than 120 species of perennials, annuals, and biennials. The genus belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae, and its species are found in Africa, Europe, and Asia. These plants are hardy and are often considered to be highly ornate. This genus receives its common name from its globe-like flowers that grow in shades of purple and white. The leaves of these plants are spiky from the edges and woolly and greenish grey in color, while the fruits borne are cylindric achene.

The blossoms of these plants are round flower heads that grow in groups. These flower heads are on top of the ribbed stems of the plant, making the total height of the plant nearly 5 feet (1.5 m). The plants attract swarms of bees and butterflies and are usually planted behind the borders in gardens. These plants are often utilized as cut flowers, as they can last for weeks when placed in vases indoors.

I forgot to tell you that this plant and beautiful flower is the favourite food of our donkeys in Cyprus.

Demetra Efthymiou


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