Tourism in Cyprus

The legendary birthplace of the Goddess of beauty Aphrodite, Cyprus is an island ruled by many civilizations over the years with every single one leaving their mark! Beauty, sun and love is what characterizes this place and this is why tourists have been visiting and keep coming back for more years now..

The island can give you anything that you are looking for when on holiday. Whether that is spending your time relaxed on the beach, partying wildly, sightseeing, sports whatever you can ask for.


Cyprus history goes back 8 thousand years meaning that there is a lot of historical landmarks to have a look at starting from one of the most ancient civilized societies / village ever discover aged 7000 years old. The island first inhabitants were Greeks and you can imagine that you will find endless sites of the Greek civilization from theatres to cities and so on.

The beach:

Questionably some of the best beaches in the world are found in Cyprus and in combination with the all year round sunshine they can be enjoyed a lot! Whether you are looking for a crowded beach bar beach or a beach you can be on your own you can find it here since pretty much all the coastline is friendly for swimmers.


One of the biggest nightclub scenes in Europe is set in Cyprus, Ayia Napa. A place for party animals, with endless clubs, bars, drinks, and partying 24/7. If partying is your thing then maybe you can handle this.


Lately Cyprus has become a hotspot for sports mainly due to the friendly weather and scenery. Water sports are the major ones with anything that has to do with the sea you will find it here. From sailing to surfing. The conditions are friendly all year round and for all ability levels with plenty of clubs.

Cycling has also become very popular with world class teams choosing Cyprus for the training in the winter.

Hiking, Mountain biking exploring, climbing is just a few other activities you can have in mind but generally Cyprus is active and suitable for pretty much any sport. Even snowboard and skiing in the winter.


The mediterranean cuisine. Its worth visiting Cyprus just for that. Cyprus is known to have excellent quality of products due to the climate and this shows in Cypriot cooking. Influenced for the middle east , greek, turkish and european cuisine the Cypriot kitchen is a fusion of excellent taste in healthy meals from the purest ingredients. Be sure to visit one of the traditional tavernas serving more than 40 meze dishes sometimes!