Weather in Cyprus

The Mediterranean climate is said to be one of the most pleasant to live in and it generally means hot and dry summers and cool and somehow wet winters and Cyprus lives to that model. Generally the heat of the day is pretty much the same all around the island with some differences between the inland which tends to be a bit hotter, the seaside that is always a bit cooler but more humid and the mountains that stay cooler all year round. The island is bathed in warm sun all through the year and that is why it is considered a to be a hotspot for tourist as it gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

Beginning from springtime, Cyprus is generally dry and cool. Spring kicks in early, sometimes before winter is over and this means that the day is warm enough for a swim, although the locals don’t tend to do this until April.

The summer here is the longest season. It begins in May and lasts until October sometimes even November. The sky is cloudless, the breeze is cool at the seaside and the temperatures very warm.

Autumn arrives on time but if calendars werent there then you would have probably thought its still summer time. The temperature only notices a minor drop from the late 30s celcius to mid 30s and it is a really pleasant time for Cyprus and a relief from the summer heat.

With winter comes the rainy season but even then it is not very common that you will see more than 3 days of rain in a row with the rest being sunshine and warm sun days.

If you are not looking for the extreme hot of the summer spending most of your time at the beach then I would say Cyprus is more beautiful when visited either in Autumn winter and early spring. The sun is always out. You can hang out with pretty much a t-shirt during day time even in winter and you can enjoy the rainbow colored scenery!