Medical Care in Cyprus


Health care in Cyprus is considered to be of high standards and it is recognized by the World Health Organization to be at par with developed countries. Foreign nationalas entering the island of Cyprus are not required to undertake any vaccinations because epidemics and infectious diseases are minimal throughout the country.

Food and water are also strictly monitor by the Medical and Public Health Services Department.

Government hospitals are present in all the major cities and also smaller hospitals and clinics run by the government are present in remote locations all around the country. On top of that there are a lot of private hospitals and clinics, some of which are of very high standards with medical practitioners with overseas training and latest technological equipment.

Another major benefit is the fact that Health care in Cyprus is generally inexpensive. Medical services are given by three sectors: Government, private and some other schemes which cover specific sections of the population. All the state hospitals in Cyprus offer free services but at the same time private health insurance can be obtained at a very modest rate. For example a family of three can be fully covered by  standard insurance covering all the medical expenses of the family from as low as 1100 euro for all 3 members of the family.

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