(Limassol June 2015)

This is something AMAZING , and is happening now in Limassol , in Cyprus ,the beautiful island of Aphrodite !
The sea and our beaches are realy beautiful here in Cyprus. They attract many tourists every year from all over the world !
This summer someone else has been attracted too and came back to the island, or her island!
On that morning at Dasoudi beach , some winter swimmers came out of the sea at 6 oclock in morning and they were surprised of what they saw! A big turtle was on the sand and laying her eggs in a big hole. The amazing thing is that this turtle had chosen Dasoudi beach which is one of the most crowded beaches in Cyprus. Dasoudi called also KOT, C.T.O, ( Cyprus Tourism Organisation beach) is in the city , and the tourist area, where are located many hotels, restaurants, caffe, and bars .
What made this turtle come here on this croweded beach? These species of turtles use to go back to the same beach and same place where they were born and lay there, their eggs. So this turtle came from very far to find her birth place , Dasoudi beach in Limassol, and lay her eggs. Maybe she was born 80 years ago when this beach was not crowded but a desert one .It is well known that caretta caretta turtles use to have up to 150 eggs…
So can you imagine after two or three months what is going to happen on the beach? Many many little turtles will come out of the sand and start running in to the sea.
We feel proud about this but iam also worrying…

Caretta Caretta Turtle in Limassol.

Let’s hope that the authorities will find a proper way to protect mother and babies so that they will be able to have their first swimming and later be able to to proceed on their way …
And they will reach the ocean and arrive realy very far…
I wish good luck to the mother turtle and to the little ones who will be born soon !

Let us all protect them !
Demetra Efthymiou.

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